Your Business Minute — Start Something Big for 2014

How to Select Your Brand

Introducing Your Business Minute, the best 60 seconds you will spend for your business this week.

For 2014, we will introduce you to business owners who’ve agreed to talk about what makes them push so hard to grow their businesses as well as share the lessons they learned to hit their goals. These business owners are not consultants, or gurus or outside experts. They’ve built and run real businesses. It took a bit to convince them to take time away from work and sit down to be interviewed, but I’m so glad they agreed to share their insights and experiences with you.

My goal is provide you access to owners from a range of businesses and industries so that you and I will pick up ideas that we can turn around and put to work ourselves. It’s also just fun to get out to their stores, offices and factories and see what they’re up to and how they bring together everything that goes into the products and services we buy from them.

I expect to share one segment of Your Business Minute with you each week. If I fall off that pace, I expect you to remind me.

Branding Your Business

Mike Dektas, The Creative Storm

To get us started, here’s Mike Dektas, president and CEO of The Creative Storm, a Cincinnati-area marketing agency. Mike’s worked for some of the biggest advertising firms as well as run his own shop. He’s worked for Fortune 500 corporations and small local retailers. It’s no surprise that Mike talks about branding and how to select and create a brand for your business.

A brand helps define your customers as much as it describes what your business is selling, so Mike says that a critical early step is to define your brand’s personality.

A key question Mike suggests: How do you want customers to see and understand your business? Watch the video above to hear Mike’s answer.

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