Schedule Your Online Content with Our Calendar Template

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To get the most out of your online resources, you’ll want to plan and coordinate what you say and do on your business websites, social media, blogs and e-newsletters.

We created a calendar to help you keep track of all your great ideas for articles, updates, photos and videos. You can use our template to map out your content marketing strategy for the coming year, and then by quarter, each month and then each day of the week.

It’s important to have a calendar
to keep your content consistent and relevant.

It’s critical that your online activity coordinate closely with your other sales and marketing efforts. Mapping out how you will use your web tools and sharing this plan with your team makes that coordination possible.

We recommend that you track key dates, events, holidays or other business activities that you will want to share. To coordinate your content with everyone in your business who needs to be involved, you should include an overview of all of the content, content that’s related to other information, and suggestions and reminders about how you intend for the content to be used.

Set you calendar up as a spreadsheet or word document. Many businesses use Google Drive to make their calendar available across their staff. We use an Excel spreadsheet that has multiple tabs to track yearly goals and then specific content ideas and tactics by quarter, month and detailed content plans for each week.

Our Content Planning Calendar Template is available to you free of charge. We’re sharing it as a pdf. Feel free to modify it to meet your needs. Let us know how you use it.

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