E-Newsletters Keep You
in Front of Your Customers

photo of touch screen mobile phoneEmail remains a basic, critical tool for business marketing, because customers prefer it.

Even as consumers switch the way the access the Internet from their desktop computers to mobile devices, email is still among the best ways to connect with prospects and customers. How can that be at a time when social media, online video and text messaging are so popular?

E-mail is the one reliable way to make sure customers will see your message:

How Customers Use Email

67% give their email addresses to businesses to receive discounts and promotions.

57% say they are more apt to buy a product in a store after receiving an email.

 Digital Strategy Consulting, 2013

50% of all unique opens happen on smartphones and tablets.

 Experian Marketing Services, 2013

How We Make Email Work for You

We strongly recommend that businesses send newsletters as email customized with their colors, logos, and images.

We strongly recommend for these two reasons — newsletters are mobile friendly, and are created with links back to related information about products and services on your website.

MailChimp Freddie_wink logoThe whole goal is to generate sales leads and to do that, we want to encourage customers to click through and visit specific content on your business site.

To make this happen for your business, we rely on email products from MailChimp.

Grow your contact list

Email marketing invites your customers to sign up to receive information from your business. We provide you tools and resources to build your email list including social media registration, and auto responders to follow up with prospects.

Give Social Media a Job

Email and social media work together. We build in social media features that enable your customers to share your emails on their social networks and connect with you on yours.

Measure, Test, Modify
Campaigns to Meed Your Goals

We use email tools that integrate with Google Analytics to inform your decisions with data about customers’ behavior with your newsletters and website.

Use customized revenue reports to monitor activity, meet goals, and set new ones. A/B testing options are available to fine tune your campaigns.

Your Takeaways

photo of E-mail Newsletter Shows Email Letter Communication OutgoingContent is King

More links in your email newsletters generally translate into more clicks to related information on your business website. Newsletters are a key method to guide prospects and customers to what you want them to see and do online.

Reach Customers at the Right Time

People who subscribe to your newsletters are likely to open email after noon and the most active hours are 2 to 5 p.m.

Most emails are sent on Monday through Friday, with the highest volume on Tuesday and Thursday.

More subscribers open email, however, on Wednesday and Thursday. Our tools help you put your message in front of customers when they’re most ready to listen.

Respond when New Prospects are Most Interested

Your newest subscribers are your best prospects. They’re most engaged immediately after signing up to receive your email; and, their use of your email messages slows over time.

Our tools enable you to quickly respond to these new prospects when they are most interested in your products and services.

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