Get Found by Customers
with Search Engine Optimization

Photo of Search business resultsCustomers search on their phones, tablets and laptops for the products and services in which they’re interested. They’re not looking for your business website and likely have no idea that your business exists.

So job No. 1 is to help them find your business.

The best way to accomplish this?

Publish great content — articles, photos, videos about your business, customers and your success stories with them — that match the topics for which customers search.

One Thing’s Certain — Google Will Change its Search Rules

Google constantly updates and tweaks how it determines search results. Therefore search engine optimization tactics must constantly change, too. What’s not likely to waver is the importance Google places on relevant information.

Good content on your business website is not an option.

Google rewards it and has clearly stated that top-ranking websites will be those that consistently provide what Google users ask for in their searches.

How We Approach SEO

Search Button On Screen Shows Internet Access And Online ResearchWe explore with you what you intend to accomplish with your business, your target markets, and the terms or keywords you want to be found with in search engines.  

Then we research these keywords to determine how often they are searched for online and how they compare to the words your competitors use on their websites. This review leads us to recommend ways to improve how your website is set up and organized as well as how to update your content in ways that will influence your search rank.

Our priority is on content marketing — creating and publishing your business information in any way that makes sense for your customers.

Our tactics and specific services include writing for websites, blogs and social media, virtual photo tours of your business and job sites, videos and e-newsletters that drive traffic back to your website. We also make sure your business is correctly listed in the online directories that all of the search engines count on.

How your business uses social media increasingly affects search rank ,and we will enable you to take full advantage of the power of social signals.

Location, Location, Location

When a customer searches for information, Google considers the location of the searcher and ranks websites that closely match that information, with high value given to businesses that are nearby. 

Geo-location matters and how much it factors into search results will only grow as consumers continue to spend more time searching from their smartphones and tablets. So your business must have a mobile-first strategy, making sure customers find you in Google search results from their mobile devices.

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