What We Will Do for You

photo of handdrawn speech bubblesYour customers — and the people you want to be your customers — expect to find your business online. They want to learn about your products and services at whatever time they’re thinking about their need or the problem they’re trying to solve. They do want to find out about you and how you can help them.

We will find these customers, introduce you and your business, and help you attract and connect with them online in ways that put your business, products and services in front of customers when they decide they’re ready to buy.

We are your web communications and marketing partner. That’s a fancy way of saying we will help you tell your story to the people you want to reach.

We’re really good at explaining what your business does and why customers should buy from you. To do that, we write and edit for websites, blogs, e-newsletters and social media. We create awesome business videos. We share and distribute your information in ways that help customers find your business when they search from their computers, phones and tablets. 

Our Products & Services

• Website design, operation, maintenance

• Writing, editing for websites, blogs, e-newsletters

• Social media set-up, operating, measurement, training (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+)

• Virtual walk-through tours of your business location with Google certified photographers

• Search engine optimization, with a priority on creating content that’s relevant to your customers

• Search engine marketing, with paid advertising using Google Adwords and Facebook

How Much Does This Cost?

Dollar Symbol Button In Blue Showing Money Or InvestmentThat’s the question everyone wants to ask. Heck, we want that question answered before we’re willing to talk with other businesses.

So here’s our answer — It depends. 

We offer affordable solutions to enable small businesses to launch websites and add social media, video and e-newsletters.

Online video, for example, starts at $249. Set up of online directories that influence search rank starts at $295. Social media set up and training programs start at $495. 

Our other products and services are highly customized to meet your business needs, and your budget.

We begin by providing a free initial consultation to learn about your goals, customers and specific steps you want to take. Next we create a proposal for ways to deliver solutions — websites, email campaigns, online video, blogs, social media and paid online advertising — that will enable you to hit your goals. We tailor these solutions for you — and offer you the best pricing possible.

Let’s talk today about what you need for your business.

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