Social Media Connects
Your Business with Customers

Photo of Businesswoman hand push like virtual button as social network conceptUse social media and social networking and communications sites to let your business customers, neighbors and friends know what you and your business are doing — and, more importantly, how you will help them.

We offer two options to integrate social media into how you run your business.

First, we create custom set-up and training to prepare you and your team to use the right social media in the right ways to accomplish your business goals.

Or, second, we will set up the right social media tools and create articles, photos and videos, and then share them online.

Listen, then Engage

We listen and talk with your customers online, and we make sure your online business activity is synched with your marketing and sales activities.

We have extensive experience with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Linkedin, and our approach is to influence how your business is found by customers in their search results and then how we interact with them on your behalf. We help you and your employees find and join conversations about products and services that prospects and customers want to know about.

We’re confident that social networking is here to stay. The tools and social sites no doubt will come and go. What’s changed is how consumers behave online and what they expect from businesses.

So our pitch to you is simple: You do not have to understand or use every or any social media in your business or personal life. You do need, however, to understand that your customers do.

We want you to know that they expect to learn about your business when they’re online socially, which is a big part of what consumers do with their smartphones and tablets.

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